Tangerine Mobile Home Park in St Petersburg, Florida - an all-age family mobile home park




Frequently Asked Questions - Tangerine Mobile Home Park
1. Q. Can we rent a mobile home at Tangerine Mobile Home Park?
A. No, Tangerine Mobile Home Park is an all-age park, consisting of home-owners.
2.  Q. How much is the Lot Rent?  
A. Lot rent is $305 per month
3. Q.  Is a background check required to move in?
A.  Yes, a background check is required.  The cost is $25 and is non-refundable.   
4. Q. Do I have to sign a lease?
A. A one-year lease is required for the lot. Mobile homes are purchased from the home-owners.
5. Q. Do you have any mobile homes available for sale now?
A. Please call for availability.
6. Q. What are your office hours?       
A. Mon, Tues & Thurs 9 - 2,   Weds 4 - 7.  Other hours are by appointment only.
7. Q. What is included in the lot rent?
A. Community grounds landscaping, and maintenance of the common areas.
8. Q. Is Tangerine Mobile Home Park only for people 55+ ?  
A. No.  Tangerine Mobile Home Park is a community of home-owners, and people of all ages.
Q. Where is Tangerine Mobile Home Park located? 
9. A. Tangerine Mobile Home Park is located at 1616 21st Street South, St Petersburg, FL 33712
     It is a gated & fenced community.
10. Q. Are utilities included in the lot rent?  
A. Electricity is the home-owners' responsibility.  Home owners pay for the water that they use
     which averages approximately $31 per month, or more.  

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